The Event Program

Keynote: Leadership of Digital Transformation. The Case of CEOs in the Banking Industry.

Tuesday Jan 30, 2024 02:05 - 02:30
Type: Inspiration
Venue: Main Room

This Keynote speech is based on Jean Elia's book, which originates from his Doctorate in Business Administration (at Business Science Institute) thesis bearingthe same title. It develops a thorough and concrete understanding of leadership in the context of digital transformation, notably in the banking sector.

Using a Grounded Theory approach involving bank CEOs, getting their real-world insights and perspectives, the book proposes “a guide for CEOs to conduct successful digital transformations within their organisations”. This guide emanates from leaders, is challenged by a leader (and researcher), and is destined for leaders, in banks, in the financial industry and beyond.

“This book about situated leadership, i.e. an approach to leadership in a very real context and tangible form, would make the reader aware of the fact that it is necessary to know how to look for solutions where they are and not where the light shines the most” (from the foreword by Maurice Thevenet).
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